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All four seasons are great moments to visit Argentina. 3694 Km of latitude and a varied geography result in a large range of options which can be included in an itinerary regardless of the time of the year the trip is planned for.

Even while seeming to be located at the end of the world, Argentina is a mere 10 hour flight away from Europe, and 8 hours from Miami. Enclosed by Chile to the East, Bolivia and Paraguay to the North, and Brazil and Uruguay to the East, it boasts a surface area of 2790 thousand Km2, which represents almost 5 times the surface of France, while its population is just 40 million people.

All this means that Argentina is a country of huge landscapes, full with 360 degrees of nature, great distances to travel, a big diversity and lots of contrasts. A country where sight wanders off into the horizon, where senses really wake up and where one gets easily engulfed by inhabitants’ warmth and the authenticity still found far and wide throughout the country.

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