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We want to invite you to be a part…Much can be done with a little effort.

Inspired by those who have undertaken a strong commitment to fellow-creatures, encouraged by our vocation of integrating the remote communities of our country, we have decided to celebrate our 20th anniversary by taking concrete actions to sustain and help education and food programs in rural schools. In places that our clients, who enjoy the most daring itineraries, would be able to visit.

We believe in joining strengths and in the experience of the Foundations that are already working in these fields. For that reason, from now on we will work to achieve financing specific projects carried out by them.

Photo gallery

Poma School – Calchaquí valleys – Photo: Lo Gall El Trigal school – Calchaquí valleys Northern Smiles – Photo: Lo Gall Eulogia Tapia, shepherdess, rhyming couplet & grandaughter Guaraní childrens dance -  Mesopotamia – Photo: Lo Gall Text comprehension training workshop for rural teachers
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