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In August we took the first step financing a teaching workshop for country schoolteachers. The workshop has three modules that will end in October.
The project was carried out by Fundación Ruta 40. Miriam Dahir of Clave Renglón is in charge of the training in a school in La Poma (north of Cachi, in Salta) for 25 teachers from the surrounding countryside.

Listening to the teachers is the prove that with a little effort much can be done.

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Poma School – Calchaquí valleys – Photo: Lo Gall El Trigal school – Calchaquí valleys Northern Smiles – Photo: Lo Gall Eulogia Tapia, shepherdess, rhyming couplet & grandaughter Guaraní childrens dance -  Mesopotamia – Photo: Lo Gall Text comprehension training workshop for rural teachers
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