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Since 1988 we share our experience and knowledge of Argentina as a tourist destination. Our commitment is to build, together with our suppliers and clients, a sustainable tourism activity, respecting the environment and the communities. Based on these two elements, we seek to enrich travelers through live experiences with tailor made travel proposals and a high cultural content.

Our clients are agencies located in Europe, America and Oceania.

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Fitz Roy view from Helsingfors. Photo: Lo Gall
Walking on the ice – Exc Big Ice – Perito Moreno Glacier.  Photo: Lo Gall
Yacaré – Iberá Marshlands. Photo: Lo Gall
Birding in Iguazú.  Photo: Lo Gall
Vicuñas – Argentinian Altiplano (high plateau). Photo: Lo Gall
Argentinian Altiplano (high plateau). Photo: Lo Gall
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