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Since excellence and details are our most important concerns, (…) the office is organized into 4 areas that interact with each other, in order to check the trip and information in different instances, assuring the trip is a success.
Each year we work to improve our service, searching for new tools and ways of obtaining a superior quality in our information and a faster reply. Training includes discovering certain places you cannot find in usual trip proposals.

We maintain a small structure, in order to keep offering a personalized service and tailor made trips which adapt to our passengers’ requirements. A committed team, solid and united, is an essential value of our Business Culture.

Management is in charge of Laura Gall, who contributes with her deep knowledge about the country and the itineraries. In 1996 she discovered her passion for tourism, and since then she is deeply committed to the activity, contributing to the growth and improvement of the offer. She has a strong belief that tourism is a way of developing regional economies.

Operations & Logistics, in charge of Carolina de la Fournière and her team. It is the back office which assures that the whole operation works out, trying to stay ahead of problems that may appear. They check the logic of the trip, timing, bookings and vouchers and prepare the information that will be delivered to the passengers. According to the experience of each season, they work in tariff development. They also select and train Buenos Aires tourist guides.

Customer Service, in charge of Juan Falcón. They design trips according to Lihue criteria and clients’ requests. They follow a very easy and practical process, which allows to send quotes in a clear and complete way, to avoid misunderstandings. They monitor the trip details until days prior to passenger’s arrival and then contact all the suppliers by sending vouchers copies with the last details of each reservation.

Accounts is in charge of Ignacio Aquerreta and his team. They interact with all the areas, and speed up the process of collection and payment of the hired services. They work each season in order to improve quality and quantity of information.

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